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Iwata Translucent High Strength Cylinder Bottles with Caps 2 oz. translucent no-rust cap

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These bottles are designed for both solvent and water-based paints. Their cylindrical shape is ideal for designing compact multi-gun systems since they’ll fit closer together than jar-shaped bottles. They’re available with two different cap styles:NO-RUST CAPS are solvent-proof plastic. They don’t utilize any gaskets, which means less deterioration and less parts for fewer hassles.FAST-BLAST CAPS utilize a one-piece paint passage tube, making the cap leak-proof. Their all-plastic, no-gasket construction eliminates the possibility of rust and solvent damage. The unique friction-fit joint securely holds the bottle to the airbrush.
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Written by bradyearnestine28

April 1, 2016 at 7:40 pm